The Forest OR The Trees?

If the Type II Diabetic Forest is the overall successful managment of my blood glucose (think A1c), then the Diabetic Trees are the the 1,000+ individual glucose readings I have taken in the past 10 months.  At times, those daily trees can make it awfully difficult to stay focused on the forest. 

Case in point – this morning’s tree: a fasting blood glucose reading of 138.  I did as my wonderful endocrinologist asked, I ate earlier and then worked out last thing before I went to bed.  I went to bed with a glucose level of 116 (right on target for a bed time reading).  Even worse, I went to bed with the utmost confidence that this morning’s “tree” would be a low one (for me, that means around 115).  So, not only was my glucose too high, it impacted the frame of mind I started my day with.  This frame of mind blurs my view of the forest…… all I can obsess about is the rotten tree!!  Luckily, I have my inner diabetic who keeps her focus on the forest.  She was born of countless hours of research, discussions with physicians, meetings with a nutrionist and the fear of what happens if I ignore the forest!  All the way to work this morning she was chanting, “Remember the forest!  Remember the forest!”

So, what went wrong?  Honestly, who knows?  I will tell you that I probably did not eat enough for dinner.  Apparently (this is in lay person terms), as you sleep and your blood sugar drops below levels needed to basically keep your body running.  This causes your liver to deposit its stores of sugar into your blood stream.  Exercise should train your liver to NOT dump its entire tank of sugar, but I guess mine did not get the message or I did not give my body enough sugar to start with as I laid down to sleep.   Bottom line though,  I have learned two important things I want you to know: 1) you can not dissect every little thing that went into a particular glucose reading (unless you had pizza, coke and ice cream for dinner).  If you counted carbs, exercised and made good choices, you have to see that tree for what it is – one amongst thousands; and 2) you can not let a tree stop you.  You must keep moving.  Crank you chain saw and cut a new path….. try something different, eat something different, just give it another shot.  In a Diabetic Forest there is always another tree, usually just a few hours away.  ; )

Ok, ok….. so, what did I eat last night?  There is just no polite way to go about this…..  I had a 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal and an Atkins shake as the milk.  As Mr. Man says, “Honey, groooooooooosssssss!!!”  Well, don’t knock it ’til you try it.  There is a particular side effect of a low carb, high protein diet that I consider extraordinarily unpleasant.  In my very best poilte terms…… if fiber is not a significant contributor to your diet, your inner digestive workings slow down.  3 years ago while losing 93 lbs. , courtesy of Weight Watchers and exercise, I learned about Fiber One cereal (not the frosted shredded wheat kind they have now – the original!).  This became a staple in my everyday life…… every morning I mixed it with Yoplait yogurt and my digestive system was very happy.  I ate this everyday of my pregnancy with the same results.  Now, fast forward to being a BWWD2 (Busy Woman With Diabetes 2)…. this lovely concoction does very bad things to my blood glucose.  So, I tried every source of fiber I could get my hands on that would minimally impact my glucose readings.  I found quite a few, but NONE that was as “efficient” as a daily dose of Fiber One.  This “challenge” drove me to “try something new” (see #2 in paragraph 3).  I began eating 1/2 c Fiber One (25 carbs/14g fiber) mixed with an Atkins shake (ok, here comes the “Honey, grooossss” part – I use vanilla OR chocalate. HEY!  Don’t knock it ’til you try it) before I exercise.  This has allowed me to get the fiber I need and utilize the exercise to help control the effects of eating cereal on my blood glucose level.  If you happen to try it, let me know what you think.

So, I am on with the rest of my day with a panoramic view of my forest.  Tomorrow morning is Weigh Day…. a big double whammy – another fasting blood glucose reading AND a visit to the scale.  Does it get any better (hint of sarcasm!)?

Crank those chain saws, ladies……

The Dishing Diabetic



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2 responses to “The Forest OR The Trees?

  1. Alicia

    I think that the shake had a little too much sweetner in it, just my thoughts. I have found that if after you exercise, walk or etc., drink at least 8 ozs. of water or more, that should help on your reading for the next morning. Just give it a try, it helps me. Of course it will make you to go to the potty during the night. Keep it up, you are doing great!:)

  2. Kayla

    I love fiber one 🙂
    I am just checking out the blog. Hope you are doing well.

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