Keep It Simple, Sugar!

I have been loitering on a few blogs and message boards lately.  It really is fascinating to learn how other BWWD2’s (Busy Women With Diabetes 2) recall receiving their diagnosis and the fallout afterwards.  One of the most common threads woven through most entries and postings is the frustration that accompanies your once routine grocery store visits.  I can tell you, it is as if you have never seen a grocery store before.  For me, the grocery store was like some sort of heaven pre-diagnosis.  It was an escape and I had been known to spend hours perusing my local market.  These days the grocery story is a hostile environment, something like a deadly diabetic video game with Killer Carbohydrates coming from every direction and the only weapons in my arsenal are my will power and my very detailed list.

My 1st visit to the grocery store after my 1st appointment with the nutritionist was a complete train wreck.  I am talking about the kind you have to come to complete stop for in order to stare and gawk.  The weather was getting cooler and I needed something fast and easy to prepare at work.  My answer to this was soup.  How bad can vegetable soup be, right?  Think about your soup aisle…. the entire aisle houses hundreds of cans of soup.  I literally spent an hour in this soup mecca and did not find one that fit within my carb limits (no more that 30g carbs/meal) and did not contain rice, potatoes or noodles.  This visit ended with me leaving the store with no groceries, calling my mother on the phone on the way home and hysterically sobbing between multiple expletives and the constant uttering of “this is not fair!”  A type II diabetes diagnosis and a trip to the grocery store had reduced me to a blubbering, cursing train wreck. I must add that my infinitely wise mom chose, for the 1st time in my life, NOT to say, “well, life is not fair, honey.”

I came across an excellent article on  Instead of re-capping and summarizing the article, I hope you will click on the link and read it.  You will find TONS of wonderful diabetic recipes and get tips on reducing your Supermarket Stress.  This article employs what I call the KISS approach (Keep It Simple, Sugar) to grocery shopping as a diabetic (it is also a great article when trying to lose weight).  Busy Women With Diabetes 2 know that the simpler they can make blood glucose management the more likely they are to achieve it.

80% of diabetic complications are preventable.  Preventing diabetic complications is achieved by one thing – blood glucose management.  Blood glucose control is the result of limiting the consumption of 1 product – carbohydrates.  It does not get more simple than that.  We can do this. We can all do this. We have the time, even as BWWD2, to do this.  What we do NOT have time for are the complications we are guaranteed if we don’t do this.  We do not have time for hospital stays, heart attacks, strokes, blindness, amputations…. yada yada yada.

The truth is, not matter how hard it may be to believe, it does get easier.  As you test and see the results that indicate you are having success you will be motivated to continue.  The grocery store will in fact become fun again (unless you are one of those that never liked it to begin with).  It will be more like a difficult sudoku puzzle than a deadly diabetic video game.  You will spend your time discovering the right numbers (ingredients) to plug into your puzzle (belly) and that will assure you the only thing you will have to make time for in your future is exactly what you want to be spending time on!

I would love to learn about how you remember those 1st few months after receiving your diagnosis!

Keep It Simple, Sugar!

The Dishing Diabetic


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