Premiere Pounds to Finale Fit!

HeroesI love TV.  I have had no shame in admitting my love for food, sugar, beer……. why stop there?  I will conceed that the programs I can’t live without do absolutely nothing to enrich my life.   However, they do in fact enrich the level of physical activity in my life!  My workouts, specifically the speed with which they pass, are directly related to television programming. Yep, I have my elliptical machine parked right in front of the television and my love for “my shows” and the DVR that records them is a close 2nd to the love I have for my family.  I am not joking.

Let’s see……. Sunday you have Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.  Monday is Heroes.  Tuesday you have The Biggest Loser and Dancing With the Stars.  Wednesday is a second helping of Dancing with the Stars.  Thursday is Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  This is 9 hours of programming that must be squeezed into 7 workouts…… this is so much better than suffering through 4 more workouts  each week once after I have exhausted my summer recordings…… True Blood, Hung and World’s Strictest Parents.  With this month’s premieres I have found my old excitement for exercise.

This  year, as I strive to lose my last 29 lbs and and gain better control over my blood glucose, the upcoming season of “my shows” will be used for good…… it will be the season that takes me from Premiere Pounds to Finale Fit!

Here is how it will work.  My shows premiered with The Biggest Loser last week and they will continue for the next few weeks.  Most of the finales are in May of 2010.  That is 9 months of tv viewing bliss!  I can do anything for 9 months and I can do anything as long as I am allowed to watch my shows while doing itI will only watch my shows in a state of physical activity.  I will either be on the elliptical machine, doing sit ups or push ups, or my Core of Steel video (that is housed in my memory) through out each program.  I would rest during commercials, but  I prefer to fast forward through them to get on with the plot twisting, trash talking, dirting dancing mecca of TV!!

I will also adhere to my allowed carbohydrates per meal and allotted Weight Watchers points/day on the days my shows air.  On the days my shows do not air, well, they won’t be a free for all…… any diabetic knows we dont get “cheat days” like non-diabetic dieters….. but, I will enjoy the sensation of the sitting on the couch, I might just have a beer, a second low carb tortilla with dinner, or maybe even a small apple with peanut butter (walking on the wild side, huh?)!  Point is, I will relax on my “off days”!

When the season finales roll around in May, they will be met with the saddest of farewells and the most triumphant of exhultations.  I will have enlisted my shows as powerful allies in my weight loss and diabetes managment challenges, I will put them to work for my greater good!  That’s right….. all those others fighting the scale for $250,000, Bree, Gabby, the cheerleader, Sylar, Kitty, Meredith and Derek, Addison and Noami……they will carry me from Premier Pounds to Finale Fit!  Just stay tuned in and watch and see!

Will you go from Premier Pounds to Final Fit with me?  What are your favorite shows?  What exercise will you do while you watch them?  Please let me know if you will spend this season in front of the TV as an exercise potato instead of a couch potato!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

The Dishing Diabetic



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3 responses to “Premiere Pounds to Finale Fit!

  1. Alicia

    Good afternoon! I will join your Premier Pounds to Final fit with you. I will be doing my walking on the tread mill while I watch: Sunday: Cowboys football, Monday: Big Bang Theory & CSI:Miami,
    tuesday: Biggest Loser, wednesday: Mercy & Law & Order: CVU, Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy, Friday& saturday: My better half and I go dancing. I am starting some exercising to tone up with a workout video that I purchase from the Jillian’s program on internet. As you I have to go 27 more lbs. to obtain the complete freedom of no more meds. for diabetes, so my journey continues. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  2. Alicia

    Going well! Hubby and I will start a fitness center workout on Monday in my hometown and we will work on it together. Still need 27 to go. Thanks!

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