The Fat Girl Writes Again

Wednesday, July 19, 2011

Weight – 231.2 lbs or 104.87 Kg

BMI – 35.15 Obese Class 2 – risk of weight-related health problems and even death, is severe

A1c (as of 5/21/2011) – 7.0

Chloesterol (5/21/11) – 219 (triglycerides 109/ HDL 79/ LDL 118)

Clothing Size – 20W (the W is for “wide”, yes, “wide”…… not “women”)

The last time I served up a good, fresh heap of Diabetic Dish was 21 months ago (approximately 630 days) and, well, its an understatement to say that things are not as they used to be.

It is a waste of time to rehash the past almost-two-years when it doesn’t change where I find myself today.  However, today is a special day.  Today is the first day of my final lower-my-A1c-without-meds-weight-loss journey.  That’s right folks….. I can truthfully tell you that I have been to the party not once…… losing 93 lbs in 2005-2006……not twice…… losing 75 lbs in 2008….. no, I now find myself the Belle of the Obesity Ball once again! As I have written before, once a fat girl, always a fat girl. However, it is enough to encounter my fat girl only when clothes shopping. I am frankly quite tired of seeing her in every mirror and every size 20W label and most horribly, letting her have the use my favorite number for my A1c.

I weigh more today than I did when I gave birth to my second child last November.  Oh, and, my A1c was 6.1 when I gave birth.  I haved exercise vigorously through both pregnancies and gained an average of 20 lbs during each one.  I have been about 10lbs from my pre-pregnancy weights after both babies. Within in months of each of their births we faced a move, the start of medical school for my husband the 1st time and the start of residency the second time.  In times of destabilization and stress, I eat.  Yep, I said it.  I eat.  Oh, and, I eat a lot. I do not mean I eat alot of celery…. I mean I eat A LOT of VERY BAD things. And to add fuel to the fire….. we have relocated to Asheville, NC – Beer City, USA – and Miller Lite just doesn’t cut it since I have encountered the majesticness of a locally brewed (Pisgah, French Broad, The Wedge, Green Man) wheat beer adorned with the heavenly slice of orange (I have no idea of the calories….. I do know that one is about 6 Weight Watchers points and it is just wrong to only have one.  WRONG!).

Really? Whoever would think it funny to capture this image? Laughing Now, Funny Man?

So, you get the picture, the official formula for a Diabetic Disaster = (new baby+1300 mile move+loss of job+search for job+husband never home+2 kids) + (Asheville’s plethora of INCREDIBLE food x 2 <2 is for ‘twice a day’>) + (MIRACULOUS beer x 2<2 is for “two a day”….. less at times and possible more at others>).  Many of my other entries emphasize my motivation to do this yes, for me, but also for my best friend (one in the same as my husband) and my 3 beautiful daughters. I obviously love them, but I like them, I like just being with them, I like their laughter and I do not want to short myself one day of their world changing morning cuddles.

So, today.  Today is the first day.  Weight Watchers weigh in – check.  Excercise – check. Recording Weight Watchers points – check. Glucometer dusted off – check. Limiting carbohydrates – check. Goals in place – check (see below). I will be weighing in, both literally and figuratively, here on this blog every wednesday come hell or high water, come loss or gain as well as reporting my blood glucose trends. I may sporadically post random thoughts, ingestion frustrations (similar to sexual frustration but arises from not eating what one wants as often as one wants), new recipes and notes from my daily lower-my-A1c-without-meds-weight-loss conquest.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weight – 158 lbs or 71.6675 Kg

BMI – 24.02 Normal Weight – ideal amount of body weight, associated with living longest, the lowest incidence of serious illness

A1c – 5.9

Chloesterol – 150 (triglycerides <100/ HDL >80/ LDL <100)

Clothing Size – 8/10 (no letters in this size!)

Is today a first day for you?  Or, do you just want to hang with me on this journey?  Or, maybe you would just like to check in and laugh at my fat girl (it’s ok, I promise!  I do it all the time!  She is not easily offended!) No matter the reason, I hope to see you here and would love to hear you here, too!

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3 responses to “The Fat Girl Writes Again

  1. Renee

    Good post friend. I know it is hard to write that honestly and openly. You can look at this positively though because you have done this before and can do it again. Maybe look into local WW meetings? Great way to meet people and it does make it more fun!

  2. Hey! Hadn’t heard from you in a while! Glad to see you’re back on the blog – I love you’re view on the world 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing great through this stressful time, and happy to support any way I can! I’m looking forward to your progress – you are an inspiration!

  3. regan

    Yay! You’re awesome. I have gained 10 lbs since my wedding and I need to get back with the program before it gets much more and I spend another 4 years carrying an extra 20 lbs like I did in med school. I did Jillian yesterday (level 1) and my whole body hurts. I used to do level 4 without even noticing. Oh well, at least I did it.

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