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A Breakfast Believer!

Whether weight loss is your game or managing your diabetes (or both), you have heard, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” at least once.  Most of us actually heard this at some point growing up or in the process of growing up our own family.  Back then it had to do with being at our best during the school day and hopefully having our brain function optimally.  These days, it has more to do with trying to jump start a metabolism that has decided to enjoy early retirement or trying to bring down a fasting blood glucose number that seems to peak first thing in the morning.

Breakfast.  Just the word conjures visions of french toast, banana nut pancakes, bacon, sausage links, biscuits, gravy, piggies in the blanket….. mmmmmmmmmm! For a weight loss crusader or a diabetic defender, these visions will stay just that….. visions.  As a faithful follower of Weight Watchers, I know that you can treat yourself to these every once in awhile, especially if you manage your allotted daily points in a way that allows it.  However, as a diabetic there is a question as to the definition of “once in awhile” and as for this diabetic….. treating myself once just creates a vicious craving that I would rather be without!  And, bottomline, although those breakfast choices are once-in-awhile options, breakfast is not.  Breakfast should be an everyday occurrence for an endless list of reasons; after all, it is the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast.  Just the word conjures a steady stream of excuses…… I don’t like to eat in the morning, I don’t have time to eat in the mornings, I am not hungry in the mornings, nixing breakfast helps cut 1/3 of the day’s calories, yada yada yada.  When I first started Weight Watchers in 2005 I was one of those I-don’t-like-to-eat-in-the-morning people.  After a few months I became very frustrated with losing an average of less than 1 pound a week.  My group leader re-addressed the topic of breakfast and its effects on weight loss with me. I decided, heck, if I could figure out how to enjoy exercise, I could figure out how to enjoy breakfast!  My new routine became ½ cup of original Fiber One cereal mixed into a 98% fat free Yoplait yogurt, 1 small banana and a large glass of water.  Within a month or so of adding breakfast to my day, my average weekly weight loss increased to 1.5lbs a week.  I became a Breakfast Believer!

So, my ½ cup of original Fiber One cereal mixed into a 98% fat free Yoplait yogurt, 1 small banana and a large glass of water became my daily breakfast.  The only part that varied was the flavor of yogurt. For 3 years – over 1,000 days that included a pregnancy – this was my Old Faithful of breakfasts.  When I received my diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in October 2009, I was left utterly dumbfounded.  Yes, Old Faithful was healthy; yes, it had contributed greatly to my weight loss (93 lbs) and to my efforts to maintain my loss; yes, it seemed responsible for keeping my “plumbing” in good order; however, in an instant, the arrival of diabetes turned my old friend to a new foe!

This value of this breakfast had been quantified for years as “3 points.”  This is fantastic in a Weight Watchers World.  Now, it was quantified as “65g carbohydrates.”  This is known as one big fat no-no in a type 2 diabetes world.  Every diabetic is different and their blood sugar responds to different foods at different times of the day.  I tried everything.  I tried Fiber One and water, yogurt and water, Fiber One and the banana, the banana and water….. you get my drift.  My blood sugar was just not on board with any of the combinations.  Now I was stuck.  I needed to lose 80 lbs, so I knew I needed to eat breakfast.  My mornings are CRAZY trying to get myself ready for work and my 2 year old ready for school.  I needed an new Old Faithful.  It needed to be delicious, fast, low carb AND low points.  How’s that for high maintenance??

Two fellow Weight Watchers turned me on to Egg Beaters.  Now, I had eaten them before and I loved them.  The key to this “turn on” was that they let me in on a little secret……. THEY CAN BE MICROWAVED!  Who knew?  Microwaved egg substitute out of a carton gave rise to my current Old Faithful.  Not only is it “5 points” and “18g carbs (11 net)”…… it can be prepared in less than 4 minutes and yes, I have timed it on multiple occasions!  The punch line – my blood glucose is routinely 120ish 2 hours after my 1st bite. I take the ingredients for the week to work every Monday morning so that i am never left empty handed and tempted to just wait it out until lunch.

A Breakfast Believer’s Breakfast Burrito – 5 Weight Watchers Points, 18g carbs/7g fiber

1/2 c Egg Beaters

1 Mission low carb small flour tortilla

1 Tbsp salsa

1/4 c Weight Watchers shredded cheese

1/2 small or 1/4 large avocado, sliced

Microwave bow of Egg Beaters for 2 minutes, stirring about every 30 seconds.  While microwaving eggs, place tortilla on plate and put cheese on tortilla.  When eggs are finished put on top of cheese.  Top eggs with salsa and sliced avocado. Breakfast Bliss!

Whether we are hustling ourselves to work or hustling children to school, breakfast is just an easy thing to miss.  However, once you experience the impact the most important meal of the day can have on your weight loss efforts or how the right breakfast may help decrease your blood glucose faster than skipping a morning meal, you  too, will be a breakfast believer!

Do you have an Old Faithful?  I would love to hear what made you a Breakfast Believer!

The Dishing Diabetic


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The Tale of the Deadly Diabetic Diablo Burger

Last week I posted It’s Burger Time, Baby (https://thediabeticdish.wordpress.com/2009/08/09/its-burger-time-baby/).  This was a fantastic moment as I discovered I could have a hamburger and keep my blood sugar on target.  I am talking about a burger WITH a bun, not a bun-less burger (aka a ground meat patty with salad on top).  One thing I failed to mention in that posting is exactly what kick started the burger craze that is currently taking place in my home.  Think about one of the most cruel television programs known to diabetics.  This is how I refer to the Travel Channel’s MAN V. FOOD!  Mr. Man LOVES this program.  We pretty much don’t miss an episode.  If you have never seen it, think – a man highlighting the “biggest” foods and eating challenges in different cities.  Hamburgers routinely make the list.  I think I have literally seen every combination of the most bizarre ingredients imaginable – think a fried egg and peanut butter on your hamburger!  Yes, on the same burger!

I am pretty much a sucker when it comes to Mr. Man and I enjoy making him happy.  And, you know what they say…… the way to a man’s heart….. Well, this diabetes thing put a pretty big dent in the menu of items I prepare now.  He is an absolute champ as he scarfs down spaghetti sauce over steamed zucchini while complimenting me on how good it is (I told you – CHAMP!); however, I still look for ways to cook meals that are exciting and new AND are blood sugar friendly!  Enter MAN V. FOOD and the grand idea to replicate one of the burgers highlighted on the show (replacing ingredients with their low fat, whole wheat versions).  How difficult could this be – jalapenos, serrano peppers, onion ring, low fat cream cheese, 96% fat free ground beef, whole wheat bun?  Not difficult at all if you don’t count nearly killing Mr. Man, MiMi, our 2 yr old – oh, and myself!!

There is no way to tell you last night’s happenings that could possibly detail the hilarity that ensued; but, I am going to try.  I mixed the 1lb ground beef with ground pepper, garlic salt and A1 steak sauce, divided into 5 patties and set aside.  I sliced 4 slices of onion, leaving the rings intact, and set aside.  I chopped the 6 jalapenos and 6 serrrano peppers and put in a bowl.  In a small mixing bowl I mixed about 1/3 c flour, 1 egg, 2 c fat free milk, chili powder & ground pepper and set aside.  In a skillet I put 3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil and heated it up.  I then poured the bowl of chopped peppers into the oil to sauté.  Did I mention that I did not de-seed the peppers?  I have been known to exaggerate a time or two, but I am not stretching the truth AT ALL when I tell you that within minutes my entire family was sneezing, coughing, hacking, and gasping.

I have never experienced ANYTHING like this.  The rest of my family was driven to waiting for dinner in the backyard; while I bravely faced the peppers inside (with the help of a trusty bandana tied around my face).  I am NOT kidding!  If anyone knows how this happened, please share!  Do the seeds put off a gas as they cook?  Was it the peppers?  The jokes at my expense are nowhere near slowing and I have to tell you, I absolutely deserve it!  As soon as I turned off the heat and moved the skillet the relentless “pepper burn” came to and end almost as quickly as it began.  However, I was a fool to think this evening was anywhere near over.

I went on my way…… I dipped each onion slice in batter, let as much batter drip off as possible and lightly fried them in extra virgin olive oil.  The patties were cooked on the grill.  When they were ready I carefully constructed my masterpieces.  From the bun up: fried onion slice, meat patty, 2 BIG spoonfuls of peppers, and 2 slices reduced fat cream cheese laid side by side, top bun.  They were beautiful, smelled heavenly and would hopefully be very kind to my blood sugar.  After one bite it was clear….. these would forever be known as the Deadly Diabetic Diablo Burgers. Although my blood sugar handled them well, there was nothing kind about these burgers.  There he sat, trying to maintain his “champ” status with sweat drenching his brow as he complimented the meal.  He actually said, “my scalp is itching.”  What kind of pepper can make one’s scalp itch? I could not even finish my burger and that has to be a first!!

I THINK the outcome might have been pleasurable if I had de-seeded the peppers; but, I am too emotionally scarred to try again. It will a very long time before I attempt to replicate anything involving peppers. This will go down as one of my funniest, potentially dangerous, cooking snafus!

Smile, Laugh, Love!!

The Dishing Diabetic


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The Weight Loss Willies

Have you ever had a case of the Weight Loss Willies?  They can take many forms and usually present themselves when you are contemplating the need to shed a few l-b’s. The WLW’s work tirelessly to remind you of every reason the task at hand is insurmountable.  The # is too big, not enough time, past efforts have not been successful, etc., etc., etc.  The Weight Loss Willies only serve to distract you from focusing your energy to accomplish your weight loss goals.

I received a message from a sweet friend today.   She was responding to having read my blog.  Her message and questions are simple and a clear case of the Weight Loss Willies.  I have attached her message below and and my response follows.  As I re-read my response before sending it, I thought I would share them with all of you.  Please share your thoughts, success stories and how you have exterminated the WLW’s in your own weight loss journey!

Dear The Dishing Diabetic,

I love your blog. Diabetes hasn’t struck…yet. But I am more interested in your weight loss through Weight Watchers. I have about 80 pounds to lose (gulp!) and I’m having trouble not thinking “Oh my gosh, there is no way! That is like an entire person” so I just go eat more ice cream. Any advice?

I get to see your sister this week…I’m very excited. Next time you’re here visiting it would be fun to see you too!


Sweet Friend

Dear my Sweet Friend,

Well, I would be the one to ask about weight loss seeing as I have had to do it twice now! ; ) Before getting pregnant, my doc said I needed to lose 100 lbs. I made it to 93 before I got pregnant. Then, I found myself facing needing to lose 80 lbs last August. I have lost 48 so far.

If you only knew how many times I quit because a 6,7,8 lb loss seemed insignificant when I realized I had, say, 94 more lbs to lose. At the beginning of the 93 lb weight loss I tried something that I really feel made a HUGE difference.
I had 100 lbs to lose….. so, I made a list of 10 “rewards for myself” – 1 for each 10lbs loss. They grew in expense…. went something like this… highlights for my hair, new workout clothes, new sunglasses, ipod, Lucky jeans,….. my last one – which I have not reached yet, but, girl, I WILL – is a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress (good thing I still have 36 lbs to go, it gives me some time to start saving!!). Notice, that none of the rewards are food, that was the one and only rule. I knew I had a problem with consolation and rewards always being food, so this is how I broke that habit.

The best part was when I hit that 1st 10lbs, I wasn’t staring down the barrel of another 90 lbs, I was only facing another 10….. which I knew I could do because I had just done it.

It took 18 months, Sweet Friend. Patience – that is the only other thing I changed when I started what was to be my 1st successful attempt at weight loss. I am not a patient person. But the saying “you didn’t gain it over night, you won’t lose it over night” is so true. You are a busy wife and mom, you have a life, be patient….. it will work!!

So, break it down and be patient. You can do this. I know you can do this. Do you know you can do this?

One more thing, Sweet Friend. Add health to the reasons you are doing this. I know this is going to sound weird, but, go get your cholesterol checked. Then get it checked again when you hit a 40lb loss and again at your goal. I know we all love to fit in our skinny jeans, see the # we want to see on the scale, etc….. but, you are the mom of 2 PRECIOUS angels. When you see that cholesterol level come down (mine went from 282 to 150), you will feel like you did this for the only people on earth more important to you than yourself…… your hubby and babies. It makes it something so much more than just being “skinny”.

As for Weight Watchers….. I will live and die by that program. I do it online now, but I went to meetings when I lost the 93 lbs. I needed the weekly support. Do what feels best for you. If you choose online, do NOT hestitate to ask me anything, anytime! Also, I will be your support. I weigh in (on my scale in my bathroom with my hubby) every Thurssday morning. If you want to join me, we can compare progress, challenges,etc.

If you only knew how many times my sister and I have talked about how absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS you are!! You really are, Sweet Friend!! I’ve got your back, sista!! When you are ready, you can do this. You WILL do this. Go Sweet Friend, Go Sweet Friend, Go Sweet Friend!!!

Love you, sweet girl!!

The Dishing Diabetic

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Friday Pop Quiz

How much do YOU know about diabetes…..


Let me know how you do….

The Dishing Diabetic


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