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The Weight Loss Willies

Have you ever had a case of the Weight Loss Willies?  They can take many forms and usually present themselves when you are contemplating the need to shed a few l-b’s. The WLW’s work tirelessly to remind you of every reason the task at hand is insurmountable.  The # is too big, not enough time, past efforts have not been successful, etc., etc., etc.  The Weight Loss Willies only serve to distract you from focusing your energy to accomplish your weight loss goals.

I received a message from a sweet friend today.   She was responding to having read my blog.  Her message and questions are simple and a clear case of the Weight Loss Willies.  I have attached her message below and and my response follows.  As I re-read my response before sending it, I thought I would share them with all of you.  Please share your thoughts, success stories and how you have exterminated the WLW’s in your own weight loss journey!

Dear The Dishing Diabetic,

I love your blog. Diabetes hasn’t struck…yet. But I am more interested in your weight loss through Weight Watchers. I have about 80 pounds to lose (gulp!) and I’m having trouble not thinking “Oh my gosh, there is no way! That is like an entire person” so I just go eat more ice cream. Any advice?

I get to see your sister this week…I’m very excited. Next time you’re here visiting it would be fun to see you too!


Sweet Friend

Dear my Sweet Friend,

Well, I would be the one to ask about weight loss seeing as I have had to do it twice now! ; ) Before getting pregnant, my doc said I needed to lose 100 lbs. I made it to 93 before I got pregnant. Then, I found myself facing needing to lose 80 lbs last August. I have lost 48 so far.

If you only knew how many times I quit because a 6,7,8 lb loss seemed insignificant when I realized I had, say, 94 more lbs to lose. At the beginning of the 93 lb weight loss I tried something that I really feel made a HUGE difference.
I had 100 lbs to lose….. so, I made a list of 10 “rewards for myself” – 1 for each 10lbs loss. They grew in expense…. went something like this… highlights for my hair, new workout clothes, new sunglasses, ipod, Lucky jeans,….. my last one – which I have not reached yet, but, girl, I WILL – is a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress (good thing I still have 36 lbs to go, it gives me some time to start saving!!). Notice, that none of the rewards are food, that was the one and only rule. I knew I had a problem with consolation and rewards always being food, so this is how I broke that habit.

The best part was when I hit that 1st 10lbs, I wasn’t staring down the barrel of another 90 lbs, I was only facing another 10….. which I knew I could do because I had just done it.

It took 18 months, Sweet Friend. Patience – that is the only other thing I changed when I started what was to be my 1st successful attempt at weight loss. I am not a patient person. But the saying “you didn’t gain it over night, you won’t lose it over night” is so true. You are a busy wife and mom, you have a life, be patient….. it will work!!

So, break it down and be patient. You can do this. I know you can do this. Do you know you can do this?

One more thing, Sweet Friend. Add health to the reasons you are doing this. I know this is going to sound weird, but, go get your cholesterol checked. Then get it checked again when you hit a 40lb loss and again at your goal. I know we all love to fit in our skinny jeans, see the # we want to see on the scale, etc….. but, you are the mom of 2 PRECIOUS angels. When you see that cholesterol level come down (mine went from 282 to 150), you will feel like you did this for the only people on earth more important to you than yourself…… your hubby and babies. It makes it something so much more than just being “skinny”.

As for Weight Watchers….. I will live and die by that program. I do it online now, but I went to meetings when I lost the 93 lbs. I needed the weekly support. Do what feels best for you. If you choose online, do NOT hestitate to ask me anything, anytime! Also, I will be your support. I weigh in (on my scale in my bathroom with my hubby) every Thurssday morning. If you want to join me, we can compare progress, challenges,etc.

If you only knew how many times my sister and I have talked about how absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS you are!! You really are, Sweet Friend!! I’ve got your back, sista!! When you are ready, you can do this. You WILL do this. Go Sweet Friend, Go Sweet Friend, Go Sweet Friend!!!

Love you, sweet girl!!

The Dishing Diabetic


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